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before and after images

before and after images

The GPSLipo® Procedure utilizes the fat mapping GPS technology of the LipoControl laser to locate and remove unwanted while tightening the skin

The LipoControl™ is the latest generation of 980nm diode for laser assisted lipolysis from Osyris Medical. LipoControl™ allows optimization in the treatment of localized fat deposits, and thanks to its revolutionary and patented “GPS” technology of control and regulation, the laser system shows an accurate and controlled on- screen amount of energy delivery for maximized results.

By adding the LipoControl™ to your practice, you will have a device ideally suited for reshaping frequently requested areas such as the love handles, hips (small), abdomen, back of arms, back, knees, ankles, inner thighs, chin, and the bra strap area. This technique is also recommended as a complement to liposuction to tighten the skin.

GPSLipo® and the LipoControl laser were
featured on The Doctors.

The Doctors part 1: A local plastic surgeon is using a tracking device much like you use a GPS in your car. He says it can locate and assist in accurately removing fat from your body.

The Doctors part 2: Plastic surgeon Dr. Drew Ordon and E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork explain how the breakthrough procedure LipoControl is performed.

What is Laser-Assisted Lipolysis?

Laser lipolysis

  • is a minimally invasive surgical procedure that disrupts fat cells
  • provides a skin tightening effect thru thermal stimulation
  • is commonly performed under local tumescent anesthesia.

The laser energy is transmitted through a fiber (which is threaded through a cannula) and delivered directly into the targeted tissues. This targeted approach is significantly less traumatic than conventional liposuction methods, offering minimal edema, bruising and bleeding…leading to faster healing and recovery times for the patient.

Advantages of GPSLipo® and LipoControl

LipoControl™ takes laser assisted lipolysis to a new level of precision by offering:

  • Real-time visualization of the area to be treated on the screen.
  • Automatic adjustment of laser power in correlation with the movement of the cannula. Laser power increases as cannula speed increases, decreases as cannula slows down and shuts off whenever the cannula stops moving over treated area.
  • On-screen energy mapping shows the distribution of energy in real-time for optimization of results and avoidance of over treatment in any one area.

These advances in technology give you the control needed to get the desired results… decreased surgery time and improved patient outcomes with minimal down-time.

Technical Specifications

Laser: Diode Laser
Wavelenght: 980 nm +/- 10
Power: 25 Watts
Aiming beam: Diode Laser
Wavelenght: 635 nm +/- 20
Power: < 3 mWatts
Laser class: 3R
Power supply: 110-240 VAC; 50 to 60 Hz
Weight: 133 lbs


It’s very different from regular liposuction because you don’t need to manually remove the fat. Another aspect of LipoControl technology is that with the feedback
from the safety features, this treatment takes less time than other laser lipolysis devices. I know exactly what I’ve done, where I’ve gone and when I’ve reached the maximum
energy level for a treatment site. This prevents over treatment, promotes a more homogeneous outcome and assures me that I have given patients a complete treatment.

Eric Plot, M.D.

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