LipoControl™ and/or Lipotherm  
  "Laser lipolysis versus traditional liposuction for fat removal"
Serge Mordon and Eric Plot
  "Lipolysis Using a 980-nm Diode Laser: A Retrospective Analysis of 534 Procedures"
Jean Pascal Reynaud, Martine Skibinski, Benjamin Wassmer, Philippe Rochon, Serge Mordon
  "Laser Lipolysis With a 980 nm Diode Laser"
Amy Forman Taub MD and Adam Friedman MD
  “Comparison of Laser Assisted Lipolysis (LAL) to Controlled Laser Assisted Lipolysis (CLAL): A Prospective Study”
Neil Sadick, Theodore Diktaban, Carmen Kavali, Serge Mordon, Philipe Rochon
  “LipoControl Uses Adipocytolysis Effect to Achieve Body Contouring
By Kevin A. Wilson, Contributing Editor


"560nm IPL Pain Study"
Jeffrey Schaefer, MD FRSM and Ron Shane, PhD. OMD


"IPL SmoothCool HR/SR Study"
Jeffrey Schaefer, MD FRSM and Ron Shane, PhD. OMD


"SmoothCool HR/SR Hair Reduction Study"
Jeffrey Schaefer, MD FRSM and Ron Shane, PhD. OMD

EndyMed PRO®  
  "Non-invasive therapy of wrinkles and lax skin using a novel
multisource phase-controlled radio frequency system"

Monica Elman, Itzhak Vider, Yoram Harth, Varda Gottfried, Avner Shemer
  "Circumferential Reduction Using The Endymed Pro
Radiofrequency System - A Controlled Clinical Study
With 12 Month Follow-up"

Josefina Royo de la Torre, MD; Javier Moreno-Moraga, MD; Estefania Muñoz; Paloma Cornejo Navarro, MD

  “Portrait PSR Technology: Multiple Conditions Effectively Treated with the Plasma Skin Regeneration System
By Christopher B. Zachary, M.D.
  “Clinical Data Compendium Portrait® PSR3 Skin Regeneration”
from Rhytec
  “Nitrogen Plasma Skin Regeneration and Aesthetic Facial Surgery”
Multicenter Evaluation of Concurrent Treatment
by J. David Holcomb, MD; Kriston J. Kent, MD; Daniel E. Rousso, MD


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